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Brother Pounds will be conducting a Leadership Workshop via Zoom on Monday, April 12th and Monday, April 19th @ 7pm. All interested brothers & sisters are asked to avail yourselves so you can be a part of this vital Workshop which will detail and discuss Biblical qualifications, responsibilities and expectations of Church leaders.


Please Note: Changes to the following dates.

Our Spring ‘Virtual’ Gospel Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 18
through Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

The theme is “The Divine Plan To Save Man”.


Sunday, April 18 @ 9AM (Sunday School) - William Maddox (Miami, Florida)
“Why All Men Need The Divine Plan” - Evangelism Class

Sunday, April 18 @ 10AM - William Maddox (Miami, Florida)
“The Divine Plan Revealed” (Ephesians 1:9-10)

Monday, April 19 @ 7PM - William Jones (Rochester, New York)
“God Planned Man’s Salvation”. (Ephesians 1: 4-6)

Tuesday, April 20 @ 7PM - Brian Moten (Goose Creek, South Carolina)
“Christ Purchased Man’s Salvation” (Ephesians 1: 7-12)

Wednesday, April 21 @ 7AM - Dr Harold Redd (Memphis, Tennessee)
“The Holy Spirit Preserves Man’s Salvation” (Ephesians 1: 13-14)


Protocol for Sunday Worship

The following Protocols are being instituted regarding our Hilltop family worshiping together at the building. Please understand that we need the assistance and cooperation of all of our members in order to restore meeting again.

The Policy is as follows:
Service. Worship Assignments are to be given out the day before each Service.

A.)  All attendees MUST wear a mask or some form of face guard. All attendees two years old and above should wear some type of face covering. Cloth or perishable mask will be available if someone forgets or is not aware of our policy.

B.) Practice social distancing. We will utilize all areas of the building (1) families only will be allowed to sit together in the main auditorium (2) everyone else should sit on the aisles and at least two arm lengths apart. In addition, we will use every other pew (3) members with underlining health issues or concerns should stay home or will be distanced in the Fellowship Hall or in the open overflow rooms of the main auditorium.

C.) No brother is to sit in the Pulpit. All Worship participants will go to the Pulpit from their pew seat when it is their time to lead in any aspect of the Worship Service. Worship Assignments are to be given out the day before each Service.

D.) No microphone is to be shared. Each participant in Worship will have one personally assigned before each Service.

E.) We should discourage the using of songbooks. All songs and their lyrics will be displayed on auditorium screens.

F.) The Communion emblems will be given out before the Service so that there will only be one brother at the Table officiating. Ushers with gloves will handout Communion cups before Service or they can be picked up from a sanitized table and used cups should be left in the pew in front of them.

G.) The Offering baskets will passed by brothers with gloves beginning from the back of the auditorium to the front, including the overflow area and Fellowship Hall.

H.) There will be no handshakes, hugs or physical contact/touches among the members. Waves are encouraged.

I.) All Zone and Committee meetings at the building are suspended until further notice.

J.) All members should remain home if feeling ill, coughing or running a fever.

K. ) The building, microphones, pews, Communion table will be sanitized immediately after each Service.

L.) Leadership believes it would be wise to begin with just one Worship Service per Sunday (10 AM), then slowly included Sunday Evening Service, followed by our Wednesday Night Bible Study, then finally the Tuesday & Thursday Classes.

M.) There will be no Van Service. All members who previously rode to Services in our vans are asked to seek alternative modes of transportation during this time because social distancing is not possible in our Church vehicles.

N.) All attendees are encouraged to have their temperature taken before entering the auditorium.

O.) We will be dismissing from Service differently so please listen to our Elder(s) as they provide instructions during final announcements.

This Policy of Procedures is instituted because your safety is our Leaderships primary concern. Let us remain prayerful, careful and mindful during this pandemic.


Sunday Worship Service Only-
Our Worship Service will be live-streamed also at 10:00 AM on Sunday. All members and friends of Hilltop can access this Service either through our church’s website ( or on You-Tube and view on New Testament TV, or Type in Hilltop Church of Christ live stream to view on the Church You Tube site. 

There are three ways you can put in your contributions:
1. Online Giving: Go to Hilltop Website ( then scroll down and click online giving then follow directions.

2. Drop off at the church building in the Black Mailbox outside: Envelopes are in the mailbox, fill out your envelope and follow instructions that are on the black mail box.

3. Mail-in a check no cash should be mailed in. If you have cash please give to the secretaries or one of the Deacons.

The Church Bulletin can be viewed on the Hilltop website ( click on the members only link and type in the user name and password. You can obtain the username and password by calling the Church Secretary.

Phone number: 863-293-1791

Sara Williams Cell: 863-651-2956




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